Cellist Dilshod Nazarov

Dilshod Nazarov is a well-known cellist, laureate of the international Ile de France competitions, winner of the Tchaikovsky Competition in Japan, St. Petersburg. Student of Daniil Shafran, Natalia Shakhovskaya, Kirill Rodin, Ramon Jaffe, Mstislav Rostropovich, Philippe Muller, Dominique de Villencourt, Nadine Pierre, Henri Demarket. Gold medalist of the Paris Conservatoire



Dilshod Nazarov offers individual cello lessons and conducts masterclasses for students and professional musicians. His extensive experience, gained through performances on international stages and training under renowned teachers, enables him to share his knowledge and expertise with others.


During lessons, Dilshod Nazarov places special emphasis on technique, musical interpretation, and expressiveness. He assists his students in developing their skills and creative potential, striving to identify and cultivate their unique musical style.


Dilshod Nazarov's masterclasses provide a unique opportunity for students and musicians to acquire profound knowledge and practical skills in the field of cello playing. He instructs on various aspects of mastery, including technique, interpretation of works, orchestral collaboration, and concert preparation.


Through his dedication and passion for music, Dilshod Nazarov inspires his students and masterclass participants to reach new heights in the art of cello playing. His talent and experience make him an outstanding teacher and mentor for anyone striving to excel in their field.





Dilshod Nazarov is a talented cellist who regularly performs in concerts and actively collaborates with other musicians and orchestras. His musical mastery and emotive interpretation captivate audiences and elicit admiration.


In his concerts, Dilshod Nazarov presents unique programs that blend classical heritage with contemporary musical compositions. He virtuosically performs concertos by composers such as Schumann, Dvorak, Saint-Saëns, Lalo, and introduces new works by modern composers.


Beyond solo performances, Dilshod Nazarov actively participates in collective projects and collaborates with fellow musicians. He engages in chamber ensembles, including trios and quartets, creating a magical atmosphere of instrument interplay and harmonious sound.



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